Spoštovani, posredujemo vam vabilo na konferenco, ki bo povezala mesta, ki kandidirajo oz. so kandidirala za naslov Evropska prestolnica kulture. Z lepimi pozdravi, Urška Zupanec
Višja svetovalka II / Senior Adviser II
Služba za evropske zadeve in mednarodno sodelovanje / Office for EU Affairs and International Cooperation
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Datum:       14.8.2017 13:06:38
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Zadeva:      Candidate Cities Network, Cluj - Napoca, september 2017
Dear Sir/Madam,
The city of Cluj-Napoca invites all current and former bidding cities to become its partners in founding a Network of Candidate Cities. The network aims to become a platform supporting a sustainable approach to ECoC planning with the view to facilitate and encourage ECoC Programme implementation regardless of the competition results. The city of Cluj-Napoca has applied for the title of European Capital of Culture, without being selected. Cluj-Napoca 2021, the association that managed the candidacy, has transformed into Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC). The City and the Community have given CCC a mandate to proceed with the implementation of the proposed ECoC programme, even without winning the title. Our membership increased after the title announcement, and our programme and budget remain the same. In 2017, CCC is in the set-up phase of its programme, revisiting the projects, piloting some of the activities and making the necessary preparations for the general implementation in 2018-2020. More details can be found at www.cccluj.ro/en. Please find below a draft concept paper of the Network and an invitation to join the Network’s First Conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, during 22-23 September 2017. The conference will be a place for all of us to contribute to the shaping of the Network and also a training, networking and partnership marketplace for all the cities that acknowledge the role of culture in sustainable urban development. The cities of Guimaraes, Plovdiv, Timișoara and Limerick have already confirmed their participation. Conference attendance is free of charge. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. The organisers offer free meals and accommodation (for two nights) to one participant from the first 15 cities to register for the conference. The costs for accommodation and meals for paying participants are of 200 EUR (100 EUR/day).
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